William Jennings "Bryan" WHITE was born October 7, 1896 at home at Uz, near Forrestburg in Anderson County, Texas. He lived in this area until he graduated from high school. His parent's home burned and the family decided to move to South Texas. They lived one year near Victoria, Texas. They then moved to a farm about mid-way between Bloomington and Placedo, Texas in Victoria County. Bryan farmed with his dad who was quite elderly at this time.
Photo of Bryan White Bryan
Eugenia Herron was born at home in Chico, Texas in Wise county on March 1, 1900. Her mother was ill quite a bit with heart trouble (chronic endocarditris), so the family moved periodically trying to find a better climate. They moved to a home near Bowie, Texas where she met Bryan White shortly before he moved to South Texas.
Photo of Eugenia White Eugenia
After Bryan moved to Bloomington, the two corresponded often and finally decided to get married. Eugenia packed all her belongings into a trunk and rode a train to Bloomington. Bryan's brother and wife, Malcolm and Zelda White, and their two daughters rode the train with Eugenia.

Bryan and Eugenia were married in Bloomington on December 21, 1917. They lived on the farm with Bryan's parents.

After the death of Bryan's parents, Bryan and Eugenia and their three children moved to a farm about a mile and a half south of Bloomington on Highway 181. Bryan farmed extensively with the help of Eugenia. Three more children were added to the family. In 1966 Bryan partially retired and they moved to their new home about one mile north of where they had lived for 41 years.

On December 21, 1967 Bryan and Eugenia celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Bryan died on December 7, 1972. Eugenia continued to live in their home and tended 25 to 30 head of cattle until she died on February 13, 1982. They are buried in the Cresent Valley Cemetery in Victoria County, Texas.

William Jennings "Bryan" WHITE and Gracia "Eugenia" Modenia HERRON had the following children:
1. child Doris Woodrow WHITE.
2. child Dorothea Elizabeth WHITE.
3. child Mary "Dolores" WHITE.
4. child Joseph "Donavin" WHITE.
5. child Juanita June WHITE.
6. child James "Douglas" WHITE.
1944 Photo of White Family
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1989 Photo of White Children
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Eugenia's Birthday March 1, 1980
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