Joseph "Donavin" WHITE was born on 24 Jul 1925 in Bloomington, Texas.

He was married to Vlasta (Vickie) KOKES. Vlasta (Vickie) KOKES was born on 25 Aug 1925. He was divorced from Vlasta (Vickie) KOKES in Oct 1976 in Victoria, Texas.

Joseph "Donavin" WHITE and Vlasta (Vickie) KOKES had the following children:
child1. Linda Marie WHITE.
child2. Charles David WHITE.
child3. Mary Francis WHITE.
child4. William (Billy) Bryan WHITE.

He was married to Jo Annette MOORE on 26 Nov 1976 in Refugio County, Texas. Jo Annette MOORE was born on 3 Aug 1946 in Refugio, Texas.

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