Roger Paul WARNOCK was born on 20 Feb 1945 in Victoria, Texas.

He was married to Wanda Lora DEMENT on 30 Jun 1961 in Bloomington, Texas. Wanda Lora DEMENT was born on 4 Dec 1942 in Somerset, Texas. He was divorced from Wanda Lora DEMENT on 28 Apr 1975 in Bloomington, Texas.

Roger Paul WARNOCK and Wanda Lora DEMENT had the following children:
child1.Roxanne Rennee WARNOCK.
child2. Sheila Gay WARNOCK was born on 22 Jul 1963.
child 3. Roger Paul WARNOCK, Jr was born on 25 Oct 1965.

He was married to Karin Jane NEUMANN on 22 Nov 1975 in Victoria, Texas. Karin Jane NEUMANN was born on 15 Oct 1943 in Nordheim, Texas.

Roger Paul WARNOCK and Karin Jane NEUMANN had the following children:
child 1. Alea Bettina WARNOCK was born on 27 Jun 1978.

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